Creative Mentorships

What is a creative mentor?

Are you someone who struggles to make time for writing? When you finally do sit down to write, are you often frustrated by creative blocks? Do you wonder if you have the chops to publish, or just want someone to talk to about your project ideas?

A creative mentor is a mix of coach, guru, and guide. Working with a creative mentor, you enter into a contract that allows you to prioritize creative action in your day to day life. A creative mentor is someone who understands the creative drive in all of us, and the obstacles all creative people face; they are there to encourage your desire to create, to model a creative practice that you can emulate, or to help you design your own creative practice. A mentor challenges you, pushes your craft to the next level by giving you exercises and assignments to be shared and discussed in a safe and nurturing way.

Inky Sisu offers one-on-one or small group mentorships that focus on creativity, building and sustaining a writing practice and manuscript development. Whether you write poetry, creative non-fiction or have spent years journaling and wonder if there is more you could be doing, a creative mentorship can be designed specifically for you.

Four Week Mentorships:

This one-on-one mentorship package includes:

  • a weekly 60 min meeting (skype or in person) where we will cover specific writing topics based on your genre choice. Meetings will often include short writing exercises, discussions of craft, and your writing practice.
  • one writing exercise to be completed before the next meeting. These exercises will be designed for specifically for you, based on conversations and feedback on your writing.
  •  written feedback of one short piece and a discussion of your writer’s practice.

At the end of four weeks, participants will have:

  • a portfolio of new work that has been workshopped
  • a tool box of writing prompts and exercises designed to be eliminate writer’s block
  • a better understanding of what they need to sustain a writer’s practice
  • a strong understanding of their strengths as writers and a clear idea of areas to focus further practice