Editing Services

Research essay due next week and you need help structuring your argument? Company newsletter going out with typos? Dissertation drama? Large and small projects make Inky Sisu happy.

Editing services include:

Substantive/Structural Editing: 

As a substantive editor, Inky Sisu brings valuable new insight to the organization of your project by looking at the overall purpose and audience of the piece and assessing how the structure serves the purpose.

Inky Sisu evaluates your project as a whole; problems of structure, organization, coherence, and logical consistency will be corrected. Changes to the text, including section rewrites may be required. Substantive editing includes one revision at no additional charge. Turnaround time will be negotiated after an initial evaluation of the scope of work.

Copy Editing:

Trouble with comma splices and fragmented sentences? Using so much jargon your clients can’t understand you? You need a good copy editor and Inky Sisu will whip your prose into shape.

Inky Sisu corrects problems of grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and jargon. Turnaround time for copy editing typically is three business days.


Confident you have the organization and grammar just right but just need a set of eyes to catch any minor errors, such as typos and word usage, punctuation and capitalization, minor grammar inconsistencies (such as verb tense, numerical style consistency)? Inky Sisu can take care of this for you, usually in two business days.

Past projects include:

  • substantive and copy editing academic calendars,
  • developing copy and editing corporate newsletters,
  • proofreading research papers, and
  • developing standardized communication templates.

Rates are based on a number of factors including project scope, number of pages/words, and number of rounds of editing and review required. Price quotes are provided free of charge and valid for 30 days.

Information on industry editing standards and rates can be found on the Editor’s Association of Canada here.