Inky Sisu is coming to Writerly Kits!

Spoiler Alert! Writerly Kit subscribers are going to get a taste of sisu in November’s subscription box.

Writerly Kits started up this June and I love the concept. A Writerly Kit is a Canadian bi-monthly subscription box; you can also pick up a one-time gift box – it’s great gift for your writerly friends. It is curated to support writers to live their creative dreams.

The goal of each kit is to provide unique techniques, tools, treasures plus access to a Writerly Kits community, that will result in more writers writing and more projects published.

WK box content 2

Check out the loot included:

  • Content with fun and fantastical themes.
  • An artisan crafted wooden box with your first order, perfect for storing your writing tools, notes, manuscripts.
  • A creative process technique /activity based on the original content of Novel Minds Coaching signature process.
  • An author’s story with their favourite writing and publishing tips.
  • 1 – 2 writers tools.
  • S.I.P.s – surprise inspirations to have with your coffee or tea.
  • Only the best coffee, tea, and/or treat.
  • Prize worthy challenges to encourage your creative thinking, imagination, focus, and to support  meeting your writing goals (We have a “laughably do-able” philosophy, so don’t run away when you read ‘meet your writing goals.’)
  • A self-care item (such as organic essential oil product and lotions)
  • Access to our intimate community of Writerly Kits writers, where we can share discoveries, create buddy writing events, enjoy guided visualizations created just for you, and feel connected in this sometimes isolating world of being a writer.

Fun, engaging and supportive – a writers’ community in your mailbox.

I’ve had a great time thinking about what a writer needs to know about editing and working with a professional editor.  Inky Sisu loves meeting a whole new batch of writers!


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