Inky Sisu has arrived!

A virtual sign-post has been hung and Inky Sisu wants to work with you! Specializing in creative and professional writing services on central Vancouver Island, Inky Sisu works with businesses and individuals to develop, create and motivate whatever creative or professional projects emerge. Take a minute to go over the services offered on this site and come back for updates on workshops coming to the Qualicum area.


What is sisu, anyway?

Sisu is one of those words that doesn’t translate well into English. A Finnish word, sisu describes a characteristic that is considered uniquely Finnish. In English you might call it “perseverance”, “grit”, “guts”, “pluck”, “spunk”, “balls”, “backbone”, and/or “stamina”. It is used to describe a people who survive dark winters, enjoy coffee and salt licorice, swim in frozen lakes and sauna in 100C degree saunas, usually on the same day.

“Sisu is not momentary courage, but the ability to sustain that courage.”

It’s a good word for writers, too. So much of the creative process involves guts, having the courage to say it right, courage to dig deep and persevere, and keep doing it with the same reasoned resolve, despite how uncomfortable and challenging the job.